Registered nurses - St. Agatha of Sicily

Those who choose to care for the physical needs of others are often confronted with a seemingly impossible number of tasks. Call on this 3rd-century virgin martyr, who went through such horrific torture but stayed resolute in her faith, to give you the strength to continue.

Teachers - St. Jean-Baptiste de La Salle

Those in the teaching profession have the huge responsibility of shaping the lives of those in their classroom. While there are many saints associated with the world of teaching, try leaning on Jean-Baptiste de La Salle. He was the founder of the first Catholic schools in France and he was determined to help the poor gain an education.

Accountants/ Bankers - St. Matthew the Apostle

Before becoming an Apostle, Matthew was a tax collector, so he certainly knew a thing or two about money. But more importantly, he knew his priorities and when to put down those coins and follow his faith. Ask for Matthew's intercession if you need help balancing either your books or your family life.

Doctors/ Surgeons - St. Luke

As a physician himself, this Evangelist is someone you can count on for when you're needing energy, confidence in your decision-making, or even a steady hand. His Gospel gives such a detailed account of events, and is full of compassion --  both skills crucial for those in the medical profession. With the life of others in your hands, rely on his powerful intercession to guide you on your way.

Lawyers - St. Thomas More

Advocating on behalf of others brings a lot of responsibility. Perhaps the best example of this comes from the former lawyer and statesman of Henry VIII who advocated on behalf of God when he refused to acknowledge the Tudor king as head of the Church -- a decision he would lose his head over. Forever loyal, he died saying: "I die the king's faithful servant, but God's first."

Engineers - St. Patrick

You might not know that the famous patron saint of Ireland was also allegedly pretty handy with lime mortar, enabling the Irish to build better bridges. This was only claimed in 1903 by engineering students at Mizzou, who then decided that Patrick would be the perfect saint for their profession.

Architects - St. Thomas the Apostle

As an Apostle, St. Thomas is said to have gone to India to spread the Word. As part of this role, he is said to have built many churches there. This makes him the natural patron for those in the construction industry, including architecture. Pray to St. Thomas to help build a solid foundation in your building projects and in your faith.

Editors - St. John Bosco

Selecting the right materials to share with the world is a task that often requires a good sense of judgment and strong morals. Call on this 19th-century Italian saint, who shared his pearls of wisdom as an educator and writer, to bring compassion and kindness to the pieces you publish.

Scientists - St. Albert the Great

This 13th-century saint and doctor of the Church was a prolific writer and teacher to the well-loved St. Thomas Aquinas. Having written books on astronomy and geography -- among other subjects -- this German saint is the perfect intercessor for those in the world of science, who may call on him for inspiration, clarity, and faith to continue in their works.

Artists - St. Catherine of Bologna

For those in the creative fields it is crucial to be able to believe in yourselves in order to depict the the feelings and emotions you wish to share. If that's your calling, then ask for the intercession of this 15th-century Italian abbess, painter, and writer, who kept her major written work, The Seven Spiritual Weapons, hidden throughout her life.