St. Gerard Majella

There have been some miracles attributed to this 18th-century "Mothers' Saint" involving children and childbirth. A laboring mother who was in danger held a handkerchief Majella had left at her house to her belly and she safely delivered a healthy baby.


St. Anthony of Padua

The Portuguese friar is normally associated with lost things, yet he's also linked with infertility and pregnant women -- perhaps due to his affinity with baby Jesus, or because he can help "find" a women's fertility.


St. Bridget of Kildare

Bridget is one of Ireland's patron saints, known for her charity and devotion to God. As patron saint of midwives and babies, she is the perfect person to pray to for protecting both those who help deliver our little bundles, and the baby itself.


St. Raymond Nonnatus

Nonnatus actually means "not born" -- the name was due to the nature of his birth by caesarean, which resulted in his mother's death. Hence his patronage of childbirth, midwives and babies, and expectant mothers.


St. Erasmus

One of the Fourteen Holy Helpers was a 4th-century martyr who is invoked for those with stomach cramps or colic. He's therefore the ideal saint to support you through those labor pains and those early weeks with a colicky baby.


St. Gianna Beretta Molla

The Italian pediatrician sacrificed her own life by refusing to abort her fourth child in order to treat a tumor in her uterus. The baby was born healthy, but Gianna died a week later. Pray to her to protect your unborn child, as well as yourself.


St. Margaret of Antioch

When the 4th-century martyr was imprisoned she was visited by the devil in the guise of a dragon. He swallowed her but had to disgorge her -- "deliver her" -- when the size of her cross irritated his throat; hence her patronage of pregnant women and childbirth.


St Monica

Women often feel impatient during those last few weeks of pregnancy. If that's the case turn to St. Augustine's mother, who showed incredible patience with her own child. (She's also the one to turn to for disappointing children -- but hopefully you won't need her for that!)


St Dymphna

Pregnancy can bring a lot of anxiety, with a fear of change, pain, and the future health of your baby. Dymphna is known to help those with mental disorders, so she should be able to help put your mind at ease during this often vulnerable time.


Mary, the Mother of God

Naturally we can turn to the Blessed Virgin for anything, but for expectant moms she offers powerful support for both mother and child. She took a giant leap into the unknown to deliver God's son, so she will understand all your concerns.