Our early decades are often spent trying to be or appear as someone we're not. It takes confidence to accept and appreciate who we are, and as the years go by, our ability to embrace the person God made each of us to be seem easier.

Increased wisdom

It's often said that with age comes wisdom, and this typically begins to show more in the mid point of life. While you're old enough to make sage choices, you're still young enough to act on them.

Appreciating what really matters

While you might strive to have a certain lifestyle in your earlier years, in middle age you learn to appreciate what's truly important in life: it's not about what you have in life, but who you have in your life and the quality of those relationships.

Forming stronger family ties

In your 40s, your parents' sage advice resonates as you start to offer it to your own kids. And while you play a key role in raising your kids, you can appreciate your own parents' hard work and value them all the more for what they sacrificed for you.

Strength in your convictions

In middle age, you have opinions and beliefs and are now strong enough to hold them dear to you without caring what others think.

Increased respect

As you develop even more empathy and understanding for others and their situations, you can often find yourself having increased respect for people. And this can be reciprocated when the years you've lived earn you more respect from people who've witnessed the struggles you've experienced and overcome in life.

Job opportunities

As we're living longer, we're also working longer. As midlife approaches, so do new opportunities to learn a new trade, start that business you've always wanted to, or enroll in a college course. There are so many experiences to be had and there's no time like mid-life to make those changes.

Being back in fashion

Those clothes from your young adulthood that you've either stashed away or continued wearing? They'll most certainly make a comeback. And your "vintage" pieces will earn you new respect from your teen children.

Time for a renewal of your marriage 

Chances are, if you've survived the challenges of raising kids while building a career, your marriage is probably pretty solid. As the kids become more independent, it's time to focus more on each other and enter this new stage of your life with hope and excitement for what's next.

Your religious faith makes more sense

When we're younger, we can neglect aspects of our faith, but as we become older, we begin to go deeper in our spiritual understanding, desiring more of a connection to God as we get closer to eternity.