St. Monica

This mother of a famously wayward son surely sympathizes with any concern that might grieve a mother's heart.

St. Zelie

Since four of her nine children died very young, St. Zelie has a special understanding of mothers who are grieving a loss.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Widowed with five small children after just nine years of marriage, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is an empathetic friend for single and married mothers alike.

St. Felicity

Imprisoned and sentenced to death for her Christian faith while pregnant, the martyr St. Felicity is an example of noble courage in the face of any trial.

St. Frances of Rome

Mothers pregnant in 2020 may find St. Frances a surprisingly perfect patron: She lived in a time of vicious political turmoil and lost two of her children to the pandemic of her time (the plague).

St. Margaret of Scotland

As the mother of eight children, St. Margaret knew well the trials and joys of pregnancy.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary

St. Elizabeth was only 20 and pregnant with her third child when her husband died suddenly, so she is a fitting intercessor for any pregnant mother facing hardship.

St. Margaret Clitherow

Pregnant with her fourth child when she was martyred for harboring Catholic priests in Elizabethan England, Margaret is a heroic witness that faith is worth every sacrifice.

St. Clotilde

Mother of five, St. Clotilde had to convince her pagan husband to allow her oldest two to be baptized, so she is a considerate intercessor for pregnant mothers facing criticism from family or friends (although happily, her husband later converted).

St. Helena

Mother of the Emperor Constantine, St. Helena endured many trials both before and after her conversion, but was an example of devoted motherhood and fervent faith who can intercede for any intention a pregnant mother may have.