Pick up your wet towels

Avoid endless laundry and encourage kids from a young age to pick up their poolside and beach towels and hang them to dry.

Keep the music levels down

With portable speakers on the rise, kids need to think about their neighbors who may not appreciate the same tunes. It's also important to keep the volume at a respectable level.

Keep screaming to a minimum

Kids love to make noise, and they should, but with lots of doors and windows open during the summer, ask your kids to respect their neighbors, especially the elderly, by keeping voices on the lower side. Good luck with that!

Take your sunglasses off when greeting others

By taking off our shades, we acknowledge another's presence and engage in eye-to-eye contact -- one of the basics of good manners.

Know when to put your screens down

A tricky one for sure, but if visitors come round make sure your kids acknowledge them by turning off their consoles -- even if it's just for a few minutes.

When visiting others, don't help yourself to their fridge

Even if kids are told to feel at home, make sure they know to get permission before serving themselves any food or drink -- especially if the whole neighborhood is consistently at one house.

Keep pool doors closed and secure

Make sure older children know that any empty pool is kept secure by closing any gates or doors, or setting alarms when they've finished using it.

Wear appropriate clothing when out and about

Although it may be hot outside, make sure your teens think to pop on a respectable top and appropriate bottoms before going to the mall or movies -- and to church!

Careful what you're filming

With lots of kids making videos, make sure your kids get any participant's permission before posting it on social media for the whole world to see.

Invite friends to share the joy!

If your kids are able to have friends come around, be sure they invite those who might be a little vulnerable or lonely, or who might not have any outdoor space to enjoy.