Cooking endless meals

For many moms, the constant need to produce meals can be exhausting: The endless trip to get groceries, trying to come up with different healthy meals, and watching in dismay as food is gobbled up at an alarming rate -- it would be enough to drive a professional chef a little crazy! Yet, we somehow manage to summon that inner chef and get creative, even if it's a "breakfast for dinner" kind of night, or peanut butter sandwiches.

Helping with schoolwork

You've completed your years of school and now here you are, right back at it, trying to help your child with patience and an encouraging smile. The real joke is that no matter how well you did in math, you may still find yourself stuck on the basics and spending your time researching the answers before your kids realize you're not that good at math!

Smiling through vaccinations

It's time to take your child for an annual shot and you're in the doctor's office with a huge smile trying to show him that there's nothing to worry about. You may have to stop yourself from picking up your kid and running straight out the office after you see that needle -- but you stay and keep smiling.

Offering up their last sweet treat

One of the beautiful things about motherhood is learning to accept sacrifice with a smile. You know that last candy bar you'd had your sights on? Forget it. When your big kid spots it hidden away you know you'll end up giving it to them, even if you can smell that sweet chocolate from outside its wrapping.

Repetitive bedtime reading

While reading a bedtime story can provide some of the sweetest mom/child moments it can also be a bit tiresome when your toddler only wants you to read one book for weeks on end. But you know it gives her such pleasure so every night, you read it with the same enthusiasm and funny voices as you've done night after night.

Dressing toddlers

You try to make a game of it but when you're in a hurry there's nothing worse than trying to get a reluctant child dressed -- especially if you've dared not to choose their favorite outfit of the day. You may grit your teeth to conjure up enough patience to stay calm, but you do it. Thankfully, toddlers are cute.

Taking away screen-time

This is a double-edge sword kind of punishment, right? You know it's effective because your child coveted his screen above all else. (And you also know it's what you should have done way before there was a need for punishment!) However, by taking away the screens, you'll probably have to cook with a child nagging you endlessly. Yes, it's an annoyance but you're a good mom and you get it done.

Tidying bedrooms

You've asked your child to tidy their room. While some kids might have done it (although not to your standards), others might accidentally forget. So in your frustration, you end up giving it a quick tidy, get carried away, and spend hours in their room -- even re-arranging the books in alphabetical order. Don't worry, every mom's been there.

Watching sports events in the rain

You want to support your child so when they sign up for a sports club that requires you to drop them off and then watch the all-important games in the rain -- and sometimes in the stifling heat or biting cold -- you just smile and cheer them on. You may feel a little miserable, but the smile on your child's face when they spot you in the stands makes up for it.

Giving birth

You've gone through the exciting and sometimes stressful months of pregnancy and then you realize that, oops, you actually need to deliver this baby. You're desperate to meet your little one, but the thought of giving birth, no matter how it's going to happen, is intimidating. Every pregnant woman getting ready for delivery feels the same. But the pain, sacrifice, and challenges of birth prepare us well for the amazing life of motherhood ahead of us.