Trust your instincts

This isn't about the perfect job or pair of shoes; it's about feeling comfortable with decisions you're making. If you ever feel something's "off," trust your instincts. It may be your guardian angel watching over you, or your intuition, but listen to it.

Enjoy your own company

The temptation will be there to spend lots of times with friends and perhaps also a boyfriend, but take time to be alone -- time to reflect, to focus on what you want to do, and to build your own character. This can involve some form of prayer or meditation and perhaps journal writing, as well as a good Netflix binge.

Grow in confidence

By being happy alone you will grow in confidence. By now you'll no doubt realize the importance of feeling confident about your body and in decision making, but now you need to feel confident about your place in the world and what you can contribute. Take on doable projects that come become more challenging over time -- this can be DIY-related, volunteering or perhaps job-related.

Get skilled

Going back to DIY, make sure you take the time to learn basic life skills from your parents, or enroll  in a workshop if your mom and dad aren't able to help. You need to not only know how to budget, but also to have the ability to put up a shelf and successfully wash your clothes. (This is a lovely adult bonding experience before you leave home, but can also happen when you visit your parents or grandparents!)

Don't settle

Often young women, in particular, have a yearning to settle down with someone too quickly. Again, lean on your instincts. Ask yourself if you're just happy to have found someone, or if you're truly in love. (You might think you'd never settle for less than you deserve but take it from experience, it can happen to the best of us!)

Stay safe

How many times can your parents tell you this? Not enough. Yep, there's the driving and texting, going out late at night unaccompanied, drinking excessively at parties, and the list goes on. You may feel invincible, but you do need to take precautions. Keep friends and/or family notified of your movements, put the smart phone away when driving and don't forget to dry off properly if you get caught in storms.

Make good friends

It's not always easy to make friends, let alone ones that you can trust completely. Go for quality over quantity and stick to friends who bring out the best in you. Don't forget, good friendships take time to create but then they can go on to last a lifetime.

Ask for help

Life can get complicated, but one of the greatest skills is knowing when to reach out for help. Whether it's a friend, a relative, or your parents, if you're in need pick up the phone and ask for help. It's a good habit that will help you throughout your life.

Leave room for faith

Sometimes young adults question their faith and are often without the support of their familiar church and family members. Take this as an opportunity to learn more. You can read up on the saint of the day (it's always impressive to learn about Christians who've inspired throughout the centuries), join a Bible study group, or see if the local church where you will be has a young adult program.

Enjoy life!

These should be your most carefree years. You're at your physical prime and have few obligations. Take this time to appreciate all that is wonderful and see how you can contribute to making life wonderful for others!