Go back in time

Spend some time gathering all your daughter's possessions from when she was a newborn. Then carve out an afternoon to show them all to her and share how much joy and love she has brought to your life. Ask questions about what plans your daughter has for her child and how you might be able to help.

Advise with care

Sometimes moms get so excited about the thought of becoming grandmothers they can get a bit over-excited and give unwanted advice. Let your daughter guide you, and respond to her questions or concerns with gentle advice. You need to find the balance to be sharing your experience in a manner that is useful, and not be overbearing.

Care for her husband

Be careful to pay attention to your son-in-law. It's easy for men to feel pushed out of the whole pregnancy process, so make sure you talk to him and see if he has any concerns. Ask him how you can you be of use without stepping on any toes. Maybe cook his favorite meal, or spend time with his mom, too.

Educate yourself

Things will have changed substantially since you became a mother. Find out about the latest in medical advances and changing trends so you can chat to your daughter about her different options. Avoid making dismissive comments about newfangled gadgets and modern parenting practices.

Cook up a storm

If you're a whiz in the kitchen, use your skills to fill your daughter's freezer with wholesome dishes for those early days with her newborn. Be sure to cook her favorite meal, and maybe throw in a few delicious desserts to give her a sweet treat.

Help get the home ready

If you're useful with a paint brush, now is the time to use your skills. Even if you're not physically able, or live close by, you can always lend a practical hand by offering advice on colors for the nursery, or just give a big thumbs up for any work your daughter and her husband have carried out. For those who love handiwork, you could always get those knitting needles out and make baby's first blanket.

Be available near the birth

If you can't be physically present, make sure your daughter can reach you, even if it's just to hear a comforting voice. It's reassuring to have a calming voice when labor starts and women aren't too sure what to do -- do they dash to the hospital, should they wait around? You can offer support at a time that both your daughter and her hubby might be a little frantic.

Pray for her

Despite the wonders of modern-medicine, pregnancy still comes with risks for both mother and child. Ask for Mary's intercession, or turn to the many patron saints of pregnant women for some heavenly assistance.

Know when to take a step back

Be aware of everybody's emotions, especially once the baby is here. In those early days, give your daughter time to welcome the baby with her husband by her side. It's much better to give too much breathing space and be asked to stay around, than to make yourself unwelcome.

Encourage your daughter to trust her instincts

As you will have experienced yourself, newborns can be very difficult to understand. While it takes a little time to settle into this new role, motherhood provides women with skills to know their child and interpret their needs. Inspire your daughter to feel confident that she knows her child better than anyone and she should always trust her instincts.