Call her first thing

If you know what time your mom tends to wake up, make sure she starts the day knowing she's in your thoughts. A quick phone call to shout out "Happy Mother's Day" is a lovely way for her to start her special day.

Floral delivery

Whether you opt for a florist to safely deliver a bunch of your mom's favorite blooms, leave some that you've picked in a vase outside her home (make sure you remind your mom to clean hands thoroughly once placing the vase inside!), or you send some "virtual" flowers, they are bound to bring a smile to her face for days to come.

Decorate the exterior

This is lovely for the more senior moms who might be stuck inside: if you live nearby you could visit and decorate your mom's porch or garden with flowers or homemade decorations (a great activity for grandkids!). This will certainly life her spirits and the neighbors' too!

Send her messages throughout the day

Send your mom a message at regular intervals throughout the day so she knows you're thinking about her. You could send her a meaningful photo every hour, or inspirational quotes on motherhood from Scripture or favorite literature. If you really want to cheer her up, send her some funny jokes!

Write a prayer in her honor

Use the love you have for your mom as inspiration to write a prayer of thanks for her. If you are a talented artist (or even not-so-talented), you could always write it out on beautiful paper and illustrate it with her favorite flower to send to her before or afterwards.

Send her a book of personalized vouchers

While you might not be spending the day with your mom this year, you can still spoil her in the months to come. You could create a little booklet of vouchers offering to give her a head or foot massage, a manicure, to clean her garage, to do some gardening, or anything you know your mom will appreciate.

Have a virtual meet up with a difference

Many families will gather to celebrate their moms using various digital platforms on May 10. Why not organize a family gathering and hold a special quiz with questions just about your mom? By referring to all her little quirks, habits and favorite things, your mom will know just how much she means to you.

Partake in a joint activity

You could decide to watch the same film together in the evening, or read the same chapter of a book together. Once you've finished you can spend some time sharing thoughts and ideas. Just knowing you're both doing the same activity will automatically make your mom feel less lonely and appreciated.

Organize dinner

There are a number of restaurants and take away services offering contactless deliveries. If your mom has a favorite restaurant offering these safe services, then you could always have her favorite meal sent over -- you might want to send one for your dad, too, to keep everyone happy!

Have your priest give her a blessing

The clergy have become very creative during the quarantine. Ask your local priest if he'd be able to maybe pray a blessing outside your mom's home, or if he's busy blessing all the other local mothers, maybe you could arrange a virtual blessing through platforms such as Skype or Zoom.