Sibling teamwork

Being forced to stay together is a good way to iron out problems among brothers and sisters. From working out a fair screen schedule to offering each other a helping hand with homework, kids will soon find they get pleasure in finding solutions. With older children in particular, a lockdown provides the perfect opportunity for parents to take a step back and let them sort things out for themselves.

You can do it!

Many of us get used to ringing for help when the slightest issue crops up. When this luxury is taken away, it's incredible how resourceful we can be. From fixing washing machines to becoming the family hairdresser, your skills will be tested, but remember, there are useful tutorials at the click of a button. The whole experience can be a real confidence booster that your kids can get involved in, too.

Getting creative

Some might think that being stuck at home is the perfect moment to pick up a new hobby, or devote themselves to pastimes that often get ignored. While this is true, there are more simple ways to get creative, such as in the kitchen when supplies run low, entertaining children without the usual help from the outside world, and more imaginative approaches you might need at work.

Feeling safe

You might be anxious about the virus, but there is a certain pleasure to be had in feeling secure in your own cocoon. Urban dwellers in particular have the opportunity to get away from all the noise and aggression so often found in city life.

New-found appreciation for each other

On the odd occasion when you do venture from your home for groceries, suspicion and wariness begin to fade into an appreciation of the individual. You're no long part of the masses but part of a larger community in which everybody is vulnerable and sharing the same experience. The virus is in fact a great leveler in which there is no discrimination or inequality.

The rise in Good Samaritans

In a world in which so many are self-centered, the quarantine period is forcing people to think beyond their own needs. Trapped at home, people are seeking a more fulfilling life which entails caring for others. Whether it's picking up groceries on a run to the shops, offering to help children with their schoolwork, or just sending messages to those you know are lonely, self-isolation is encouraging us to be more considerate.

Being present

Many parents often feel guilty for not being around their children as much as they'd like. While children might grumble about missing their friends (they can always get together "virtually"), they'll have a certain sense of security in having their parents around them -- even if they may say the opposite!

The joy of time

Even if you normally work from home, by staying put you'll suddenly realize how much time is taken up in sports clubs, visiting friends, and going shopping. While these activities are pleasurable, sometimes it's nice to have someone order you to keep things simple. Use those added hours for devoting yourself to your family, to God, and even to a little self-care.

Carrying out those leftover chores

From cleaning out the fridge to sewing on loose buttons, now is the time to make a list of all those chores you never have the time to do and get them done. This enforced quarantine is actually a blessing in disguise for your spring cleaning plans.

A new perspective

With less pressure from the outside world, you'll start to focus on what is truly important to you. Kids can take time out from the usual peer pressure, and parents can just do what feels right for them as a family. This shift in lifestyle might lead to decisions that will affect your life way beyond the quarantine.

Netflix, pajamas, and cozy times

An obvious benefit to lock down is snuggling up on the couch and watching a series you've been dying to see for ages, reducing the laundry by just wearing loungewear, and indulging in more pleasurable activities. While it's great to enjoy these simple pleasures, make sure you use this time to also focus on refreshing your spiritual life, along with that of your kids.