Try out masks

This might seem obvious, but not one type of mask fits all. While some people prefer the surgical mask, others may choose a light cotton or bamboo one -- and there are those brave folks who opt for the heavier hardcore varieties with filters. So take the time to see which one feels more comfortable for you, but just be sure to attach it properly.

Go for lighter colors

Wearing a dark mask in summer months will certainly add to the temperature, as it absorbs all the light and will make the mask hotter. Unless you're absolutely desperate to coordinate with a special outfit, go for a pale-colored mask to help keep the heat out.

Have a spare

This is especially useful for those who choose a cotton variety over the surgical type. As cotton tends to absorb moisture, they can become damp more quickly. So pack a spare if you're planning to be out a while.

Avoid make-up

Make-up isn't summer-friendly at the best of times, but add a mask into the mix and you'll be clogging up your pores with those beads (or buckets, depending just how hot it gets in your area!) of perspiration.

Wear sunscreen

Yes, those sneaky UVA rays can still make their way through the mask, so be sure to put sunscreen on under your mask, too, when you're out and about. Formulas labeled for athletes can provide good coverage and stand up to sweat.

Moisturize the face

Try putting some hyaluronic acid serum or gel on your face, which will help to keep your skin moisturized. If you put the serum in the fridge beforehand. it will keep your face nice and cool for a while.

Take a battery-powered fan

Get a little cooler with a handheld fan -- battery powered will definitely be a little less tiring on the wrist. Remember not to aim it at your face while close to others.

Don't splash water on your mask

While it might be tempting to dunk your mask, or your entire head, in water, this will affect its capacity to filter properly. So try and keep your mask dry.

Keep hydrated

This is a summer must-do anyway, but you need to take a few precautions with mask-wearing. If you feel like you need a drink, make sure you take your mask off where there are as few a people as possible. Also, use hand sanitizer before and after touching your mask.

Avoid being out during the hottest part of the day

Try planning your day to be in cooler environments, especially between 11.30 a.m. and 4 p.m. While this is great advice, even during times with no mask requirements, it is sometimes tricky to avoid midday heat, so make sure you apply all these tips if you have to wander out.

Offer up your suffering to Christ

This actually does help put things in perspective. While it's really frustrating to be wearing a mask, you're helping to protect yourself and others. But if you think of the pain Jesus would have felt upon the cross, that feeling of stuffiness and heat will pale in significance.