New York City

The contrast of the natural sunset emerging through the tall glassy buildings of the Big Apple makes for an impressive sight. Head to the Brooklyn Bridge at this time of day to see it in all its glory.


Known for its lush forests, numerous rainy days, quirky culture, and many things to do, Oregon is enveloped by the natural beauty of the northwest. When the sun sets over the houses along the Pacific coast it's truly something to behold. No wonder this is where many gray whales choose to summer.

Coney Island

Although Coney Island is full of fun attractions, see it really light up as the last of the sun’s rays bounce off the boardwalk, leaving it glowing in gold and sepia tones, bringing a little bit of magic to this popular island getaway for New Yorkers.


Head to the peaceful waters, way up north, to see them gleam with the setting sun. The sheer beauty and solitude makes it the perfect location for a little inner reflection. (Hint: Alaskan summertime sunsets occur late in the evening.)

The Grand Canyon

Visited by 5 million tourists every year, this 1-mile deep and 18-mile wide cavernous Arizona landmark gives off an orange rocky glow around sunset. View the setting sun best from the south rim of the canyon, where 90% of visitors come to look over the edge.

San Francisco

The Painted Ladies, also affectionately nicknamed, “Postcard Row,” are single-family homes with multi-pastel exteriors that line Alamo Square in San Francisco, California, designed by architect Matthew Kavanaugh, in 1892. Popular with tourists, they're at their prettiest around sunset, when the colors of the houses brighten against the evening sky.

Colorado River

In the beautiful Canyonlands, part of a 1,450 stretch of river beginning in La Poudre Pass Lake that touches seven U.S. states (and two in Mexico) as it runs, the water cuts through large walls of sandstone that catch the light and reflect in the calm waters.

The Lincoln Memorial

A special place for all Americans, there’s something calming and quietly powerful about standing in the presence of our 16th president while watching the sun rise or set.


As the sun sets over this famous Florida city, known for its towering palm trees, stunning white high rises, amazing cuisine, beautiful beaches, and more, it’s hard not to fall in love with Miami evenings.

Venice Beach

As skaters attempt to get their last big air of the day before the public rink closes, the sun sets behind them at Venice Beach, bringing a sense of calm to the evening. Only steps from the beautiful sandy stretches of the Pacific coast, it's perfect for a quick cool off after a day of fun and exercise.


As the sun sets on the crystal waters of Lake McDonald, Montana it leaves you full of awe. Nestled in Glacier National Park, it is the largest lake in the area, running about 10 miles long, and over a mile wide, and is teeming with life. The combination of inspiring views and impressive wildlife-viewing makes it a true place of wonder.