Breaking the news to hubby

You may have waited to do the test before telling your husband of your suspicions, or he might be outside waiting anxiously as you do the test. Whatever the situation, there's nothing more exciting than sharing with the man you love that he's a father.

Doctor's confirmation

The test may have been positive, but there's nothing better and more reassuring than getting someone in the medical profession to affirm the reality of your little miracle.

The first scan

As you anxiously study your bean-shaped baby with its heart beating at an impressive rate, you will marvel at how such a small thing can be the cause of such physical upheaval!

Sharing the news with family and friends

Telling your parents or other loved ones that you're adding to the family is a very special moment. If it's your first child, it can opens up a whole new conversation with your mom -- who may want to share her tips on pregnancy and childcare with you -- which can bring the two of you closer.

Squeezing out of regular clothes

That button just won't do up. There's nothing to be done than admire your growing belly and start adjusting your wardrobe to accommodate it -- and you may just fall in love with those stretchy maternity pants!

When morning sickness ends

For those who experience nausea and vomiting in the first trimester, there's nothing better than when the sickness begins to lift. You'll often feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. For those who suffer from sickness throughout their pregnancy, our hearts go out to you!

Fabulous skin and hair

One of the physical upsides of pregnancy, and all those hormones surging, is the way your hair looks glossy and your skin literally glows. Take this time to snap some cute pics with your husband -- capturing the early joys of motherhood before the baby, and all the mess that accompanies an infant comes along!

That first kick

It may actually feel more like butterflies in your stomach, but those first sensations are truly something to cherish. As the only one who'll be able to feel these first movements, your bond with your baby will grow even stronger.

Second trimester ultrasound

With your baby growing bigger by the day, the second ultrasound is probably the most exciting. You'll be counting fingers and toes, deciding if he has your profile, and imagining how much fun he's having somersaulting away inside you. He might have a name and he'll certainly be responding to external stimuli, such as music.

Preparing the nest

It's getting closer to her arrival and you start focusing on making room for her in your home. Choosing all the paraphernalia to keep her safe and warm is very exciting, and as for all those teeny tiny onesies ... Try not to get too carried away, as it gets expensive; remember what she'll really need is your love.

Enjoying your last childfree moments with your husband

While you're completely focused on the impending birth, there's nothing better than snuggling up with your spouse and planning your future with baby in tow. Enjoy these special moments and take the time to strengthen your relationship, sharing your worries and hopes for your expanding family.

Starting labor

The pains are kicking in, and you're getting ready to deliver. You're probably in pain, and you're probably very anxious. But this step is exciting. It's the start of a whole new life. With each contraction, you're getting closer to meeting your baby, and that will be a moment you will cherish for the rest of your life!