Leo Mary

If you hope your little boy will have great courage, this is a great choice. Meaning lion, Leo has been a popular name with popes throughout the centuries -- 13 in total. Pope Benedict XVI deemed Pope Leo I's 21-year papacy as "undoubtedly one of the most important in the Church's history." It was no surprise that he was named "Doctor of the Church" and known as St. Leo the Great for dissuading Attila the Hun from invading Italy, denouncing heresy, and establishing the papacy's authority, as well as for his impressive theological works.

Patrick Mary

A perfect pairing for those with Irish heritage or who just appreciate the devotion of the patron saint of Ireland. Stemming from the Latin Patricius, meaning "nobleman," the name Patrick refers to the Romanized Briton who was kidnapped and sent to Ireland as a teen for six years before escaping and returning home. Hearing God's call, he later returned to Ireland and bravely set out on a mission to bring the Gospel to Ireland.

Fulton Mary

A slightly more unusual choice, but one belonging to the popular Archbishop Fulton Sheen, who was known for his popular radio and televisions shows. The cause of this prolific writer is being put forth for canonization, and he is now a "Venerable." The name Fulton has English origins and means fields of the village, so this is a lovely choice for those who love nature.

Peter Mary

This classic name belonged to the first pope, St. Peter the Apostle, to whom Jesus gave the responsibility of leading His Church. Meaning "rock," it's a great choice for a little boy who will no doubt bring more love into the family.

Francis Mary

Some truly great men have been called Francis over the centuries, including the much-loved St. Francis of Assisi and, of course, our present pope. The name itself means "Frenchman," so this is ideal for any Francophiles out there, or for those who want to encourage a love for nature and all creatures great and small in their baby boy.

Joseph Mary

We couldn't resist this pairing. What more could a child ask for than to bear the names of Jesus' mother and earthly father? The meaning of Joseph is "he will add," which makes it a perfect choice for any baby boy who joins the family!

Alexander Mary

There's something classical about this coupling. There have been many worthy Alexanders throughout history, including the 3rd-century bishop, Alexander of Jerusalem, who died of exhaustion after the persecution of Emperor Decius. Meaning "defender of the people," it may inspire your own little Alex, Al, or Alexander to stand up for his friends at school.

Jacob Mary

With some cute diminutives like Jake, Coby, and Jeb, this ancient name belonged to the father of the 12 founders of the 12 tribes of Israel in the Old Testament, and is also the name of the 3rd-century saint Jacob of Nisibis, who was present at the first ecumenical council at Nicaea and reportedly built a basilica.

Edward Mary

This is a regal choice for a little boy, as St. Edward the Confessor was one of the last Anglo-Saxon kings of England, known for his just reign. Named for this patron saint of difficult marriages, perhaps your son will help to strengthen your marriage even more.

Isidore Mary

This may be a more unusual name, but it's shared with the very humble and devout Spanish saint, Isidore the Farmer. Despite his grueling work, Isidore woke early to attend Mass each day. He spent his day in devotion to God and worked tirelessly on the farm with his wife, Maria, until he died. A beautiful choice for a simple, loving child of God -- and one that honors this saintly couple.

Anthony Mary

A very popular saint in the Catholic Church, St. Anthony of Padua was a Franciscan preacher whose story of having his stolen psalter returned to him after prayer led to his becoming the patron saint of lost objects. Just think, maybe your very own Anthony might have a special talent for finding your keys! Meaning "of inestimable worth," this name sums up how any parent feels about their son. Another Anthony Mary, St. Anthony Mary Claret, is a patron of Cuba and one of the founders of Catholic publishing.

Brendan Mary

This Celtic name belonged to a 6th-century Irish saint, Brendan the Navigator, who is said to have traveled a lot and founded monasteries in Ireland and Scotland. Derived from the Welsh meaning "prince," this name is a worthy choice for any little boy who might go on to have a sense of adventure.