The first name Agatha comes from the Greek "agathos," which means "good.” Goodness is a quality of heart dear to Christ. It is close to the virtue of charity, and is extolled several times in the Gospels.


The first name Anastasia is Russian and Slavonic, but it comes from the Greek "anastasios," which means "he who is born again" or "resurrection.” It’s a beautiful nod to the sacrament of Baptism, the second birth that brings us back to life as children of God, or to Christ himself, the Risen One par excellence.


The first name of the mother of the Virgin Mary, Anne comes from the Hebrew "hannah," which means "grace.” In the Christian religion, grace is the immense gift of Himself that God gives to men and women, to make Himself present in our lives. What gift could be more beautiful than the joy of welcoming a child?


Composed of the Hebrew words "arie" and "el", Ariel means "the lion of God.” In the Bible, the word "ariel" is synonymous with "hero" and “valiant.” It's also the name the prophet Isaiah gave Jerusalem: "Ariel, Ariel, city where David encamped!" (Is 29:1 and 7). Perfect for a little girl with a strong character!


Celeste is derived from the Latin name "Caelestis," which means “heavenly” or “who comes from heaven.” It’s a beautiful way to recognize that one's child is a gift from God.


The first names Eliza and Elizabeth come from the Hebrew "Elisheva" and mean “God is abundance.” A beautiful act of faith!


The first name Emmanuelle is taken from the Hebrew "immanu'el" which means "God is with us.” It appears twice in the Bible. The first time is in the book of the prophet Isaiah: "Behold, the virgin is with child, and shall bear a son, and shall call his name Emmanuel (that is, God is with us)" (Is 7:14). It appears a second time in the Gospel according to St. Matthew, when the angel appears in a dream-vision to Joseph: "Behold, the Virgin shall conceive, and bear a son; and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which means: ‘God-with-us’” (Mt 1:23).


The first name Gabrielle is formed from the Hebrew words "gabri" and "el" and means "strength of God.” It’s the name given to one of the three archangels, St. Gabriel, the archangel of the Good News, the messenger of God. It is indeed he who announces to Zechariah that he’s going to have a son, John the Baptist, and who announces to Mary that she has been chosen to bear the Son of God.


A living symbol of divine mercy, the first name Jean comes from the Hebrew "Yehohanan,” meaning "God forgives."


The root of the name Josephine, Yoseph in Hebrew, literally means "God will increase my descendants.” It is a promise made several times in the Bible, notably by the angel of the Lord to Abraham: "Because you have not denied me your son, your only son, I will fill you with blessings. I will make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sand by the sea" (Gn 22:16-17).


The feminine form of the Latin adjective “pius,” meaning “pious,” the name Pia, with a long line of popes behind it, calls a soul to turn to God.


Composed of the Hebrew terms "rapha" (to heal) and "el" (God), the first name Raphaela means "God heals." It’s also the name given to one of the three archangels. Since in the Old Testament he accompanies and protects the young Tobias on his journey, the Church sees him as the guardian angel par excellence.