You're never bored

Having kids will always keep a mom busy, but multiple kids require such advanced time-management skills that you'll sometimes wonder how you achieved as much as you did in a day.

You stay young

Science has said the aging process slows down when you give birth to many kids, but you also stay young mentally, too, since you're around kids much longer. You're also kept up to date with what's going on with the younger generations, and may even know the latest trends!

You grow in patience

Trying to understand all the little wiggles, tantrums, and issues your children have, without losing your cool, takes patience and compassion. If you go through this multiple times then you are growing in the heroic patience of a saint!

There's always an occasion to celebrate ... and organize!

If you like a good party, having many kids will give you the perfect excuse to add decorations and cakes to your to-do list. From birthdays to baptisms, there's always something to celebrate, and this will continue for many years!

You're supported during the highs and lows

Feeling a little blue or sad? Grieving a loved one? There's always a concerned little person to give you a comforting kiss or hug. And just watching a kid try and cheer up his mom is so heart-warming you'll soon feel a little bit better!

You learn top managerial skills

Moms get the perfect opportunity to hone their skills as negotiators and mediators, all while preparing dinner for many, washing endless loads of laundry and picking up toys. Top marks to moms who can also delegate and get their kids involved in household chores.

You become less selfish

Moms often feel they never get a moment's peace, but their life of sacrifice fosters selflessness, which is a key part of rich relationships and a life of meaning.

You have helpers

We're not just talking about the chores here -- although that's always helpful -- but imagine your kids as they grow older and wiser. You'll be inundated with (sometimes unwanted) advice, or help with those bigger household projects.

There's a high chance you'll be a grandparent

Naturally, if you've had many children then at least one or two will go on to have children. For those who love babies, you'll get to enjoy watching your very own babies become parents -- and get the chance for more cuddles!

You won't be abandoned in old age

Lots of us worry about being alone later in life. But if you've had lots of children, then your golden years could be truly blessed with caring kids and grandkids.

Someone will find your jokes funny!

Chances are that at least one of your children will have inherited your sense of humor and will find you absolutely hysterical. Not only will you have that extra bit of complicity, you'll always have someone to have a good giggle with.

You're loved by many

It doesn't get better than this! The greatest gift you have given your children is siblings to grow old with. By growing up in a family of love, they'll always be together and will love and appreciate your efforts forever.