Dr. Tom Catena

As the only doctor serving a population of nearly one million people in a remote and dangerous area of Sudan, Dr. Catena is a living icon of Christ’s goodness and faithfulness. He is a true light to the world.

Marguerite Barankitse

Not only did this Catholic mom of 7 save hundreds of children from genocide, but she created a foundation to help these children and their communities work for peace in a war-torn region. What a witness for hope!

Brother Mokaya Tabichi

The United Nations named Franciscan Brother Mokaya Tabichi its “Person of the Year" of 2019. Tabichi, who teaches mathematics and physics in an impoverished area of Kenya, donates 80% of his income to the poor and champions women’s education in particular. The world needs more teachers like him

Fr. Vineeth George

This Claretian priest was named “Best Citizen of India” for 2019, especially impressive given that Catholics make up less than 2% of the population there. He was recognized for his pastoral work with marginalized people in northern India.

Fr. Federico Piedrabuena

This parish priest in Buenos Aires has dedicated his life, and even put himself in physical danger, to get kids off the street and away from drugs. He’s the everyday hero our world needs.

Ana Paula Meriguete & Victor Ribeiro

This Catholic couple chose to forego the traditional wedding banquet, and instead served the feast to underprivileged children and their families, a total of 160 guests. They are a true example of putting others first.

Sister Carla Venditti

A religious sister of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Venditti evangelizes on the street and works to save young women and girls from prostitution and human trafficking.

Fr. Joshua Johnson

In an era when dioceses are closing churches and many Catholics mourn a lack of community, this pastor in Louisiana has built an unusual and wonderful way to evangelize and serve the community through a ministry called Full of Grace Café.

The Krebs Family

The Knights of Columbus named Nicole and Joseph Krebs and their 8 children “Family of the Year.” The Oregon couple finds lots of ways to build up their parish and the Church through dedicated service, while raising their kids to follow in their generous footsteps. They’re an inspiration to families everywhere.

Fr. Renato Sesana

Fr. Renato Sesana, also called "Father Kizito," is a missionary who, for years, has been saving street children—mostly abandoned, abused, and malnourished orphans—and welcoming them into the Kivuli (or “refuge”) Center.

Sr. Gerard Fernandez

The BBC has named Fernandez one of its “100 Inspirational Women of 2019,” even as her mission had been completely hidden and silent for 35 years, until she retired in 2017. This extraordinary mission has been to accompany prisoners condemned to Death Row and prepare them to meet God.

Fr. Bernard Kinvi

In early 2014, Father Kinvi single-handedly saved the lives of more than 1,000 Muslims fleeing rampaging militias, at great risk to himself.