St. Peter - Fish

Is it surprising that St. Peter the Apostle is the patron saint of fishermen? It was his trade before becoming an apostle, so when you are cooking up some seafood, turn to St. Peter!

Steak (and other grilled meat) - St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence was condemned to death by being roasted alive. He famously said as a jest to his torturers, "I'm well done on this side. Turn me over!" He is the patron saint of cooks, but in particular, anyone who is cooking on the grill.

Servers/Cooks/All Food - St. Martha

Jesus frequented the home of St. Martha, and whenever he did, she was always busy about many things in the kitchen. She is the patron saint of cooks and waitstaff, and can help anyone who is frantically trying to cook for and serve those at table.

Bacon - St. Anthony of Egypt

St. Anthony lived in the desert of Egypt and barely ate any food. However, whenever he is depicted, a pig is curiously in the picture. For that reason he is associated with butchers and as a consequence, bacon!

Beer - St. Benedict

St. Benedict is the Father of Western monasticism, and his monasteries quickly became associated with the brewing of beer. Since then some of the best beer in the world is derived from these Benedictine monasteries.

Pastries - St. Philip Neri

St. Philip became associated with pastry chefs because of a time when he visited a cardinal and asked him for advice for his spiritual children. The cardinal instead gave him a cake, which Philip then ate with those who were with him.

Coffee - St. Drogo

While he likely never tasted any coffee, St. Drogo is associated with coffee makers because of his ability to bi-locate, a nod to the boosting effects of caffeine.

Bread - St. Elizabeth of Hungary

St. Elizabeth loved to feed the poor and is most often depicted giving loaves of bread to the needy.

Pierogi - St. Hyacinth

In Poland St. Hyacinth is credited with inventing pierogi and a story from his life explains how he miraculously fed a group of starving people with this dish.

Cookies - St. Hildegard

While famous as a mystic, St. Hildegard is also known for her nutritional advice and a recipe for "Cookies of Joy."

Deer/Wild Game - St. Hubert

St. Hubert is the patron saint of hunters and is famous for a vision he had of a stag with a cross between its antlers. If you are cooking any wild game, turn to St. Hubert!.

Honey - St. Ambrose

There is a story in Ambrose's life that says a swarm of bees landed on him while a child, leaving him honey. This was to signify his future eloquence. In turn he became the patron saint of beekeepers.