Theresa Mary

A classic combination that brings together the Mother of God with a variant spelling of a name shared by two popular saints in the Catholic Church: St. Teresa of Calcutta and St. Thérèse de Lisieux. With these two saintly women to inspire your little Tess, Tessa, or Tessie, she would have the perfect examples of how to do little things with great love.

Frances Mary

You could opt for the female version one of the best loved male saints in the Church: St. Francis of Assisi. However, there is also St. Frances of Rome, who lived a life in complete devotion to God, the needy, and her own family. Meaning "free one," it's cute when shortened to Fran or Frankie.

Katharine Mary

While there are many Katherines in the Church, you might want to take inspiration from St. Katharine Drexel. This American saint came from a wealthy family but gave it all away to the Church and spent her life educating and caring for Native people, African Americans, and immigrants. Meaning "pure, clear," the name is a great choice for a newborn baby girl and has many great abbreviations and variations.

Elizabeth Mary

Another classic name pairing, but one rich in religious meaning. There's Elizabeth, the kinswoman of Mary and mother of John the Baptist, and of course there's the popular American saint, Elizabeth Ann Seton, who faced great personal struggles but still had the courage and conviction to found America's first free Catholic school for girls, as well as the Sisters of Charity. Meaning "my God is bountiful," your little Liz, Lizzie, Betty, or Bess would be blessed with such a moniker.

Felicity Mary

This lovely name is shared by one of the early Roman martyrs who refused to renounce her faith and was sentenced to death, along with St. Perpetua, as a result. As soon as her newborn was delivered she was carted off to the celebratory games honoring Roman Emperor Septimus Severus' birthday, at which she was barbarically killed. Naming a child after two women of courage would surely put your daughter on the right path in life.

Edith Mary

A quaint and old-fashioned name, this one is growing in popularity and is the name of the German saint and martyr, Edith Stein. Having grown up in the Jewish faith, she became an atheist as a teen and eventually converted to Catholicism, finally becoming a Discalced Carmelite nun in her 30s. An educator, she had to give up the role due to the Nazi regime and spent her time in a monastery expecting death at the hands of the Nazis. She was right, and was eventually executed at Auschwitz.

Gianna Mary

You could take inspiration from this modern-day Italian saint who refused to abort her unborn baby even though it was a life-threatening pregnancy. Not long after her child was born, the mom of four and doctor devoted to Catholic Action, a group that serves to spread the social teaching of the Church, died. Meaning "God is gracious," Gianna, or Joanna in English, pairs well with Mary.

Matilda Mary

If you like a little alliteration, you could try this coupling. St. Matilda was a 10th-century Saxon queen who spent her life building monasteries and advising her sons through conflicts. The name means "strength in battle" and is very pretty even when shortened to Tilly, Mattie, or even Tilda.

Kateri Mary

The first Native American saint was Kateri Tekakwitha, who became a Catholic aged 19. She was so devout that she chose to take a vow of perpetual virginity and refused to marry. When she died at the age of 24, scars from smallpox that had marked her face were said to disappear.

Bernadette Mary

Calling your daughter Bernadette will mean she’s as “brave as a bear.” A once popular choice of name in Ireland, and a great confirmation name, this slightly old-fashioned moniker could make a comeback. It's a perfect match with Mary, especially considering St. Bernadette of Lourdes was a French peasant girl who saw visions of the Virgin Mary.

Josephine Mary

The feminine version of Joseph is beautiful with Mary, and of course it brings both of Jesus’ parents together in one name, so it's a natural choice for someone wanting to honor the Holy Family. Meaning "shall grow," the name is lovely for a new addition who's expanding the family.

Sophia Mary

There is a very elegant feel to this pairing. Sophia comes from the Greek meaning “wisdom” and was the name of a saint from the Roman Empire who lived a life of great piety, wisdom, and devotion to God, which she passed on to her three daughters. It's a name that will suit a woman at every stage of her life.