In gratitude for the first rays of sunlight, turn to St. Vincent of Saragossa. The patron of wine-growers, he suffered martyrdom in 304 under Emperor Diocletian and his feast is celebrated January 22.


Longing for nice weather? St. Valentine, celebrated February 14, is your man. A 3rd-century Roman priest and physician, Valentine was beheaded for refusing to renounce his faith. Some flowers begin to blossom this month and the beginning of Lent is when dead branches of the fruit trees are often burned. St. Valentine is patron saint of lovers, who celebrate this month with flowers and sweets.


You can often expect rain on St. Aubin's Day, March 1. St. Aubin (5th-6th c.), was the bishop of Angers, France, and defended the region against barbarian invasions, protecting the people of the countryside. He became one of the principal saints of Anjou, where many churches still bear his name.


St George was a 4th-century prince of Cappadocia, martyr, and patron of knights. His feast day on April 23 marked the end of a chilly month when weather was often unsettled. Along with St. Mark, celebrated on April 25, St. George was invoked against hail.


On May 25, we ask for the aid of the pope-martyr St. Urban (3rd c.). "Rain on Saint Urban's Day, 40 days of rain on the way," but "sun on Saint Urban's Day heralds a year of wine," according to a French saying.


St. Medard, whose feast is on June 8, is the most renowned of the saints of the weather. Under the Julian calendar, St. Medard's Day fell on June 20, the eve of the summer solstice. This explains the numerous invocations to this ancient French bishop (5th-6th c.) since, on this date, atmospheric disturbances were the cause of storms and rains.


When it's too hot, pray to St. James, whose feast is July 25.


Following the dry season, it's time to pray to St. Sabina, whose feast day is August 29. This 2nd-century martyr is the patron saint of rainfall.


To pray for good weather at the start of fall, ask for the aid of St. Edith Wilton on September 16.


In some places, the first cold snap comes around October 4, so we can turn to St. Francis of Assisi (12(h-13th c). Known as il Poverello, he is the patron saint of ecology.


Beware of frost on All Saints' Day, November 1, and pray to St. Martin of Tours on November 11.


To protect against thunder and lightning in December, pray to St. Barbara on her feast day, December 4.  This 3rd-century patron saint of artillerymen and miners was beheaded by her father, who was immediately struck dead by lightning.