St. Thomas Aquinas - for academic progress

This 13th-century Dominican theologian, philosopher, and Doctor of the Church is a patron of many academic causes and is a good intercessor when you need to remember that teaching children is about helping them learn the true, good and beautiful. He's still influential in the Church today.

St. Catherine of Alexandria - to help motivate your child

The popular saint who was martyred at the beginning of the 4th century was able to convert many before her death, thanks to her debating skills. As patron to teachers and students alike, she is a wonderful choice to turn to if you want your child to apply themselves a little more.

St. Thérèse de Lisieux - to build social connections

The beloved French saint who appreciated the smallest things in life had issues making friends at school. Seek her wisdom and help if your own child or family is having issues with friendships, or is feeling isolated or ridiculed.

St. Gemma Galgani - when faced with obstacles

At school, this Italian mystic was well loved by teachers and fellow pupils for her happy demeanor. But although hardworking, she couldn't complete her studies or join religious life due to her poor health. As a patron of students, her life is a reminder to keep going when things get difficult.

St. Gregory the Great - to manage home and school life

The organization and planning involved in homeschooling can feel daunting, but Gregory the Great has your back. Born in the 6th century, this popular Italian pope was a prolific writer known for his considerable administrative skills. He is credited with inventing Gregorian chant and is patron to musicians, students, and teachers.

St. Joseph of Cupertino - for test-taking and exams

This 17th-century Italian friar struggled academically himself but never gave up. He studied hard to become a priest but still had to rely on God's intervention to help him pass his exams. He is the perfect intercessor when it comes time for tests, quizzes, and assessments.

St. John Bosco - to do it all with love

This Italian saint's method of teaching through love, rather than punishment, was rather revolutionary at the time. But this talented teacher and mentor of boys is a perfect saint to turn to when you want to remember to always teach with love in your heart, even when your child is misspelling the same word for the umpteenth time!

St. Patrick - when you need to be flexible and creative

The beloved Irish saint was not only adventurous but also innovative. In speaking to hostile pagan leaders, he was able to find ways to explain the triune God and the Christian faith. He had to constantly adapt to his unfamiliar surroundings and circumstances, with very little support.

St. Anne - for comfort and guidance

Jesus' grandmother taught his mother, Mary, at home, helping to form her in the virtue she would need to accept her mission from God. St. Anne is patron of Christian mothers and since moms are often the main homeschoolers in the family, she's a great saint to turn to for encouragement and guidance in the homeschooling journey.

St. Joseph - to grow in confidence as your child's primary educator

The patron of fathers and tradesmen spent many hours teaching Jesus what he knew, rearing the Lord for his life and mission. St. Joseph was a sinner like us, but still called to protect his family and to help raise and teach the God-man, Jesus. Now that would have been humbling! Turn to St. Joseph when you need a reminder that you are capable of doing this!

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - when you're overwhelmed

A mother of five, America's first home-grown saint is an ideal patron for any homeschooling parent. She schooled her own children at home while seeing to the needs of orphans, starting schools, and nurturing a new religious order. The demands and trials of her life were plenty, but she approached it all with a surrender to God's will, always asking for grace in her challenges.

St. Monica - to persevere when things get difficult

If you have a child who is struggling with academics or you are not always on the same page as your spouse when it comes to homeschooling, turn to St. Monica. The mother of St. Augustine of Hippo was a woman who understood rebellious children and challenging marriages. But she persevered in prayer, never giving up on those she loved, trusting in God's love.