Jacob's ladder - Genesis 28:12

In the dream Jacob has while fleeing his twin brother, who wants to kill him, God appears to Jacob on top of a heavenly ladder, with angels -- God's messengers -- ascending and descending. The ladder is like a direct link with God Himself, guiding Jacob along his way. The dream demonstrates God's awesomeness and how He will not abandon us, if we stop to listen.

Joseph's message from the angel - Matthew 1:18-24

When Joseph heard Mary was expecting, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, explaining that the baby was the Son of God, encouraging Joseph to take Mary as his wife. The reassuring message in the dream is a great example of how being a true servant of God helps us recognize the voice of God.

Joseph's dream of the stars - Genesis 37:1

When Joseph, son of Jacob, shared with his 11 brothers the dream he had of his bundle of grain standing upright while theirs bowed down to him, they grew jealous. By sharing another dream in which the sun, moon, and 11 stars bowed down to him, he incited hatred in his brothers. While God was trying to show him the great role he was to play in salvation history, Joseph took a little too much pride in that information, but it also helped him to trust God after his brothers turned on him and sold him into slavery.

Pilate's wife's nightmare - Matthew 27:19

When Pontius Pilate prepared to preside over the trial of Jesus, his wife had a nightmare. She seemed to know that Jesus was innocent, referring to him as "righteous." The message in her dream was loud and clear: follow the righteous path. Although Pilate's wife reacted to the nightmare by warning her husband, he did not take heed. We, too, always need to speak up for what's right, even if our words are not heeded.

Solomon's prayer - 1 Kings 3:5-15

God came to Solomon in a dream offering to give him whatever he wished. Recognizing God's greatness, Solomon asked for an "understanding heart to judge." This pleased God who rewarded him with incomparable wisdom, as well as great riches and honor. There are many ways to interpret this dream, but one thing it can be inspire us to remember is that God blesses us when our desires and prayers are not self-centered.