Carrying the car seat

Infant car seats weigh 10-20 lbs. Add a baby to that, and you're hefting some real weight every time you haul your baby to and from the car.

Wearing your baby in a carrier

You can work out while wearing your baby, but don't forget it's quite a workout just to wear your baby while going about your day—and it's practically guaranteed to soothe a fussy little one!

Playing sports with your kids

"Dad, will you play soccer with me? Play catch? Play basketball?" Saying yes when your kid asks you to play sports is a sweet way to connect with each other, and it's good exercise for both of you.

Roughhousing with your kids

Whether it's doing "airplane" around the room, playfully wrestling on the floor, or tossing your kid high in the air, roughhousing is a classic way to have fun as a family, and you're getting a workout in, too!

Carrying your kids around

Sometimes you're giving a fun piggyback ride to bed, and sometimes you're carrying a screaming toddler home from the beach, but whatever the reason, it feels as though you're carrying a kid around pretty much all the time. All that "weightlifting" adds up!