Provide companionship

When Tobias headed off on a long journey in Tobit 6:2, his dog was by his heels, faithfully following his master on their long journey ahead. The blind trust a dog has in his people offers not only friendship but a sense of reassurance.

Help us to heal 

Dogs can not only sense illness, their tongues are also said to have healing properties. In the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, a dog is said to be licking the poor man's wounds. This may be seen as Lazarus having reached his lowest point, but it is also a depiction of the dog trying to revive Lazarus, show him love, and heal him.

Teach us humility

Dogs are often seen as unworthy by eating crumbs off their master's table, as in Matthew 15:27. Yet the gratitude dogs share for having leftovers is a reminder of how we should all be more humble -- after all, we're all feeding from the table of our Master above.

Watch over us

With their ability to alert others with a bark, dogs make faithful guards and shepherds. Their role in herding other animals is mentioned a few times in Scripture, such as in Job 30:1. As dogs have become more domesticated, their desire to watch over their people grows even stronger.

Help us grow closer to God

Throughout Genesis we learn of God's creation and that "it is good." We are called to cherish everything God created, man and animal alike. Just as St. Francis of Assisi showed us with his love of all of God's creatures, by caring for our canine friends we're showing our love for what God loves, and it brings us closer to Him.