Make sure you're getting enough water and vitamins

One theory is that vitamin deficiencies make women crave food with those nutrients, and dehydration is easily mistaken for hunger. If you're feeling a craving, check your vitamin and water intake first.

Get more rest

Feeling tired can make you feel hungry, as your body is seeking more energy at a time when you feel depleted. Pregnant women need extra rest, so see if taking a nap or going to bed earlier sets the cravings at bay.

Enjoy small portions of your craving

If you're craving veggies, then of course, eat up! But if all you want to eat is ice cream and potato chips, try indulging in small portions a few times a week, so you can satisfy the craving while eating enough healthy foods, too.

Find new ways to eat healthier foods

On top of craving treats, many pregnant women feel aversions to vegetables and fruits. If that's your issue, try to find fun ways to sneak them in, perhaps in a smoothie, with a delicious new dip, or cooked into a sauce.

Just enjoy the foods you're craving

The cravings will end with the baby's birth, becoming nothing but a memory and a funny story you can tell your child someday. As long as you're getting enough healthy nutrients, just go ahead and enjoy that snack you're craving! Life is short and pregnancy will be over soon enough.