Fair responsibilities

As you get older you get to take on some responsibilities, but not quite at the same level as the eldest. You get to feel mature without the pressure of being a perfect role model. The youngest often don't get many responsibilities, as they're seen as the baby of the family.

Better hand-me-downs

This especially applies to the bigger families out there. If you have a few older siblings, chances are they might be of different sexes. So when the time comes for you to wear your big sister's prized coat that you've been admiring for years, it's still in pretty good shape. By the time your youngest sister gets it, it's in shreds. (Admittedly, the youngest can be a little privileged by being bought brand new clothes, as they're the baby!)


If the eldest has to be responsible and the youngest is coddled, then the middle child can gain in independence. If they are indeed "neglected," then they're able to find their own way a little more easily.

Confidence boosting

If you're a middle child, you'll have big siblings to look up to, who will protect you, and you'll have younger siblings who lean on you. This is in fact a real blessing, as you have the confidence of knowing there are people looking out for you and the ability to lend a supportive hand, too.

Adaptable role

Being in the middle means you can get the best of both worlds: Sometimes you can enter the world of the "bigs," and other times you can do fun things with the younger siblings.

Parental perfection

When parents have their first kids, they often make a few mistakes. It's natural. By the time they have their middle child they've become more comfortable with parenting, so you gain the best of them. When the youngest come along, they may be pretty exhausted and the older siblings step in more. So, neglected middle child? I don't think so!