Open-air Mass from the safety of your car

One parish priest has found a solution to offer an open-air Mass with a difference: "The Saturday 4:30 p.m. Mass and Sunday 10 a.m. Mass will be offered outside with the altar under the carport. The Faithful may remain in their vehicles parked in the church parking lot with their radios tuned in to 103.9FM to hear the Mass."


A few priests have asked their congregation to send photos of themselves, which are then taped to the church pews. The priest says Mass with his parishioners "present" in mind and in image.

Roof-top access

In one Roman neighborhood a priest celebrated Mass on top of a roof, so Catholics in the area would be able to follow from their buildings and make an act of spiritual communion -- a prayer recited in the event that a person is unable to physically receive the Eucharist, for whatever reason.

Prayer during the Great Hour of Mercy

In Jackson, Mississippi, one priest has offered his parishioners a regular opportunity for prayer: "Each day of this crisis, where no Mass is offered, I will be standing outside the church at 3 p.m. – the Great Hour of Mercy. I will lead the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, the Holy Rosary... If I cannot be there, one of our deacons will take my place. This will be seven days a week, rain or shine."

Confined confession

A parish priest in Nebraska is offering to give confessions through the window of his home, with the blinds pulled down, and at a safe distance between him and his parishioners. And this priest in Maine has actually gone as far as building a full-on confessional in his window, complete with a crucifix on top!

Drive-through confessions

You'll probably have seen numerous priests throughout the country offering drive-through confessions like this one in Montana. So from the safety of your car you can continue to take part in your regular sacraments.