2 / 7
Coraline (2009, PG)

Coraline wishes her family never moved to Oregon. It rains all the time. Her parents are big ol' sticks in the mud. The only kid she's met in the state is just plain weird. So when the 11-year-old finds a secret passage to an entirely different world -- one filled with magic and wonder and seemingly much-more-fun parents -- Coraline feels like she might never want to leave. But that's just the idea (bwahahahaha!). Don't let the PG rating fool you: Coraline comes with more than its share of scary, and for younger kids, even terrifying moments. This dark film is not for the delicate of heart, and our titular heroine sometimes finds herself in real peril. But for all its scares, this flick has some good messages, too. And you can find it on Netflix for free.


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