5 / 7
The Haunting (1963, G)

Skip Netflix's atmospheric but extraordinarily problematic series, The Haunting of Hill House. Go straight to the black-and-white, 1963 classic, considered by some (including me) as one of the most effective scary films ever made. (Both were based on Shirley Jackson's classic 1959 ghost story The Haunting of Hill House, by the way, though the movie adheres much more closely to the book.) You won't see any ghosts here. This movie's all about what you hear, and sense, and as a consequence, feel: the gooseflesh on your arm, the chilling tingle at the back of your neck. But before you crack the creaking door to this cinematic version of Hill House, let me offer this word of caution: This film, despite its generous G-rating, might well keep sensitive youngsters up at night. It's available to rent on Amazon Prime and other streaming services beginning at $2.99.


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