The engagement ring

Don't post a photo exclusively of your beautiful new ring. It's a bit boastful and it's better to focus on its significance -- that it's not about the diamond or stones, but the commitment. So post a pic of you with your fiancé and maybe have your ring in view, too.

The lead up

While you might be excited by your choice of venue, decorations, menu, and cake, not everybody will be. So avoid endless posts and photos on your normal social media thread -- you can always set up a specific group for the parties involved.

The bachelorette party

Again, don't inundate your media thread with endless photos -- one or two fun photos will do the trick. And remember, not all your Facebook friends will be invited to your wedding, so a little sensitivity is in order.

The marriage

No bride should be posting anything on her wedding day! So put the phone down and concentrate on your new hubby and guests. You might want to suggest to friends what your wishes are concerning photos and social media. You can establish this on the initial invites.

The honeymoon

Again, this is a special time between a husband and wife to get their marriage off on the right foot. Enjoy each others' company and post the odd photo to family members. If you start filling your Instagram with photos you'll spend most of this precious time responding to comments and likes. Once home you can always share a couple of happy photos.


Don't rely on social media as a means to thank all your guests. They'll have spent a lot of time, money, and effort on trying to help give you your perfect day. Handwritten thank-you notes are a must!