Germany - Erntedanktag

This is the occasion where Germans give thanks for their harvests. Erntedanktag means "harvest of Thanksgiving Day" which takes place in October throughout the country, but especially in the more rural and religious communities. The event is topped off with a harvest crown, Erntekrone, a handcrafted headpiece made with some of the year's produce. The crown is then brought to the church where a service is held followed by festivities.

Japan - Kinrō Kansha no Hi

In Japan, the Labor Day Thanksgiving is held every year on November 23. A day that celebrates the work of the county's citizens, it was originally a form of a harvest thanksgiving. After WWII, however, the aim of the event changed to recognize the fruits of the labor force and the recognition of human rights. Peace and human rights are at the forefront of discussions on this day, and gifts are offered to local police in recognition of their work.

Israel - Sukkot

Known as the Feast of Tabernacles, this Biblical holiday held between September and October was initially held in gratitude for the fruit harvest, but was also a time of reflection about the Israelites 40-year exodus from slavery. To honor this momentous journey, Israelis build Sukkahs, temporary huts where the Jews dwelt during their flight from Egypt. The temporary structures represent the fragility of our existence and remind Jews to give thanks for their homes and their bodies.

United Kingdom - The Harvest Festival

Although this was once a pagan tradition, where Saxons offered up their first sheaf of corn to the gods, today the Harvest Festival that takes place at the end of September is all about the community. Churches are often decorated with harvest produce and children are encouraged to bring fresh produce to the special harvest service to offer to those in need.

Vietnam - Têt-Trung-Thu Festival

This festival that takes part on the 15th day of the 8th lunar cycle, is the occasion to give thanks to families. After the busy harvesting period, when families couldn't spend much time together, parents would show their love and devotion through this "Children's Festival." Today, homemade lanterns are lit, kids perform a 'lion' dance, and people take part in a candle-light procession at dawn.

Canada - Thanksgiving

This special occasion held during the second Monday in October, is similar to Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.. Traditionally it was an official day of thanks where families counted their blessings for a good harvest and shared gratitude for what the year had brought. Today, Canadians share a big meal -- often turkey and the trimmings --  and often watch sports.