Jim Caviezel -- The Passion of the Christ

I felt unworthy to play Jesus. I just accepted the responsibility and said, 'What actor wouldn't want to play this role?'

Jonathan Roumie -- The Chosen

"... I’m in this position doing this particular show, and not somebody else, for whatever reason God has ordained me to it. Every day, I am reminded of my humanity, which leads me to humility."

Max von Sydow -- The Greatest Story Ever Told

"I played him as a man. I did not play him as the Son of God or a man of God; I played him as a man."

Robert Powell -- Jesus of Nazareth

"Franco Zeffirelli and I originally thought that we could combine the divine Christ with the human one and that we would be able to show the human side of him, but we discovered that it was just not possible. "

Cliff Curtis -- Risen

"I didn't speak to anyone and learned it's good for me to be quiet. I prepared my own meals, plain simple food, and went through a kind of cleansing."

Diogo Morgado -- The Bible and Son of God

"If the goal of an actor is to tell the best story ever, there's no higher story than Jesus Christ. It's the ultimate love story."

Willem Dafoe -- The Last Temptation of Christ

"I can remember very specific scenes and sensations because it was one of the most demanding roles, physically, for me. It was full-on. [The hardest part] was being on the cross. Regardless of your religious upbringing, you have a strong association of what that is, and then when you take it onto your body it’s very powerful."