This name is perfect for capturing what may be the quintessential virtue of Advent and Christmas. With hope in your hearts for the arrival of your own little one, as well the coming of Jesus Christ, this is a perfect name for any baby girl.


This is a wonderful moniker for any time of the year, but it's especially relevant during Advent. As you put your faith in a God who sent His son to save us, you are also putting your faith in the promise that He will be by your side as you await your little one.


Not only does this name sound beautiful, it sums up the season of goodwill and charity towards everyone, especially those who experience suffering and hardship.


During Advent, as we await the coming of the baby Jesus, and His second coming, we need to rely on the virtue of patience -- which can be a struggle for us at the best of times! This beautiful name reminds us to pray for patience.


The sense of elation we feel at the birth of Jesus is captured so well in this short but meaningful name. And for any parent, choosing this name for their baby girl certainly shows the world what your newborn means to you.


This is great choice of name that honors the Holy Spirit and brings Mary to mind. Knowing that God filled Mary with grace, to prepare her to be mother to His son, can inspire any parent to be a good example for their own child.


Giving praise to God for the gift of His son is represented beautifully in this name. Like so many parents, you'll want to offer up your thanks to our Heavenly Father for the gift of your child, echoing the praise of the angels to the shepherds when Jesus was born.