St. Dominic Savio

From the age of 4, this young saint, who was taught by St. John Bosco, developed such faith that he was reminding his parents to pray. After his First Communion, Dominic only wanted to serve God, but he was a sickly child. After devoting his life to God, he died at 14.

St. Agnes of Rome

Agnes was both beautiful and noble: the perfect choice for any suitor. However, the 3rd-century saint was only interested in being a Bride of Christ. She refused to renounce her faith and her desire to remain a virgin. After several failed attempts to rape and execute her, she eventually died aged 13 after being stabbed by a Roman officer.

St. Maria Goretti

This daughter of a poor farmer was one of seven. One day while staying at home to look after her youngest sibling, she had to fight off the assault of a 20-year-old neighbor, Alessandro. She knew his intention was a sin and fought him, begging him not to condemn himself to hell. He stabbed her several times and before she died in the hospital, she shared with her parents how she forgave Alessandro. She was only 11.

St. José Luis Sánchez del Río

When the Cristero War started in 1926, José valiantly set off to fight for Christ. As the troops' flag bearer he was captured and tortured for not renouncing his faith. With the soles of his feet cut off, he was made to walk to a cemetery, and along the way the young soldier shouted "Viva Cristo Rey!” (Long live Christ the King!) He was shot dead for staying true to his faith at just 14.

Sts. Francisco and Jacinta Marto

The Virgin Mary appeared to the young illiterate shepherd children from Fatima, after which they dedicated their lives to God. Contracting the Spanish flu after World War I, the two suffered until their deaths, but offered up their pain for sinners. Jacinta succumbed to the disease at age 9, and her brother at age 10.

St. Justus of Beauvais

This is a great saint to admire for kids who love a bit of gore. According to legends, during the Diocletian persecutions, Justus confessed to being a Christian so the 9-year-old French boy was beheaded straight away. However, according to legend, he then picked his head up, which continued to speak, scaring all the soldiers.