St. Leo Luke - March 1

Also known as Leoluca, this Sicilian abbot reached the grand old age of 100. Having lived a monastic life for 80 years, he was responsible for the creation of Italo-Greek monasticism in the south of Italy. With Leo meaning "lion," a name given to many saints and popes, and Luke, being one of the Evangelists, meaning "light-giving," it's a powerful combo for any baby boy.

St. David - March 1

Meaning "the beloved," David is the beautiful name of the patron saint of Wales. It is said that while he was preaching one day, the ground rose up beneath the 6th=century bishop to form a hill. A white dove settled on his shoulder, and became his emblem. Hopefully this name will be a sign that peace will reign in your household thanks to your own baby David.

Bl. Charles the Good - March 2

This wise son of the King of Denmark was known for his holiness and compassion. In his reign, Charles fought off black market raiders and as a result was killed while praying in church. Although the name means "free man" it is also the name given to many royal men, including King Charles I of Britain. This is a classic choice which can be made into "Charlie" or even "Chuck."

St. John of God - March 8

Although there are a number of saintly Johns celebrated at this time of the year, St. John of God, is a good one to know about. He was a Portuguese soldier who became a health-care worker. The global institute of the Brothers Hospitallers of Saint John of God was founded by his followers to care for the sick, the poor, and those with mental conditions. With the name meaning "Yahweh is gracious," it's a great way to add a little extra grace to your family.

St. Patrick - March 17

The popular patron saint of Ireland is celebrated halfway through Lent. Patrick, meaning "noble" was taken from his family in Britain and brought to Ireland as a slave, where he turned to God. Although he did manage to escape home, he returned later to Ireland as a missionary. It would be an honor for any boy to bear the name of this saint dubbed the "Apostle of Ireland."

St. Joseph - March 19

Choosing to name your son after Jesus' earthly father will surely set him on the right path. He is celebrated as St. Joseph the husband of Mary in March, where his role as dutiful and loving husband and father is recognized. The name itself means "he will add" and no doubt your little Joseph, or Joe, will add much joy and love to your own family.

St. Nicholas of Flüe - March 21

The father of 10 became a hermit at the age of 50 with his wife's blessing. Many flocked to him for counsel and eventually a chapel and cell was built for the devout Swiss who lived off the Holy Eucharist. With this name meaning "victory of the people," your baby Nicholas, or Nick, should have a great start in life.