Anyone can change for the better

As a young man, St. Francis was known for his partying and carousing, until he had a change of heart and embraced "Lady Poverty." His story shows that few people are born holy, but conversion of heart is possible for anyone.

You'll make mistakes, but keep trying

He made a few blunders early on. When God told him, "Repair my church," St. Francis thought He meant the physical building. Despite his missteps, he didn't give up trying to do God's will.

Use creativity to share the Gospel

St. Francis invented the Nativity scene when he used real animals to recreate the first Christmas, a story that reminds us to think outside the box and use every resource available to share Christ's life and message.

God calls us to detachment

While the world urges us to fill our homes with the newest and shiniest stuff, St. Francis quietly renounced all possessions. His life shows that joy and freedom come from an honest and simple life, detached from earthly goods.

A pure heart is worth the struggle

St. Francis was known to throw himself into thorn bushes and snowbanks to fight off temptations, giving witness that defending your purity of heart is worth overcoming whatever challenges you may face.

Embracing suffering brings freedom

Christ told His followers to "take up your cross and follow me," and St. Francis courageously took up each cross he faced; these included imprisonment, illness, familial opposition, public mockery, painful eye disease, and the stigmata.

Spiritual friendship bears great fruit

St. Francis and St. Clare became famous for their spiritual friendship. By encouraging and supporting each other in prayer, together they brought countless souls to know and love Christ, a witness to holy men and women of all times.