The guest list

With reduced numbers, your original list will naturally be a lot smaller. Take the time to call each guest who can no longer be invited and explain to them how you'd love them to be there, but you have very limited space. People will understand and appreciate that you've taken the time to speak to them individually and not just sent a group "dis-invitation."

Offer options

While talking to those who won't be with you on your big day, be sure to let them know of any plans you may have to celebrate your marriage post-COVID-19. You can also let them know the time of the ceremony so they can still drive by and give you a safe celebratory wave if they're in the neighborhood!

New invitations

Your new invitations are an opportunity for you to also include vital health and safety information. So add an insert explaining how you plan to ensure everybody's safety on your big day and what measures you may wish your guests to take.

Wedding favors

If you already have your wedding favors made up, why not send out all the extras to the guests who can no longer come? It will make them feel appreciated and part of your day -- even if they're not in the church with you.

Personalized masks

While the basic surgical masks are the lightest and most breathable option, you could also opt for some personalized masks that come complete with the couple's new initials -- they'd make a great 2020 wedding memento! Whatever you decide to do, be sure to have a stash of masks at the venue for guests who might have forgotten their own.

Don't neglect the decor

It's reassuring for everyone to have sanitizing hand gel stations at various areas at the venue. Just be sure to add a touch of your wedding style by adding some your overall decor to the stations.

Sleeping arrangements

While you might not all be able to offer your preferred sleeping accommodation to guests, take a leaf out of Princess Beatrice's book and go for a fun camp out. If you have the space, each guest could come armed with a tent and pitch it safely apart from the other guests. While it might not be a five-star hotel, you'll be guaranteed lots of fun and wonderful memories.