St. Honorina

This 4th-century French virgin martyr from the Normandy area was thrown into the River Seine after her murder. Thankfully her body was recovered and buried in a tomb. Not much is known about her, but several villages in France bear her name, so what an honor it would be for your daughter to have it, too.

St. Aurelia

A very pretty name belonging to a 4th-century saint from Strasbourg in France. She was said to have accompanied St. Ursula from Roman Britain to Cologne, along with 11,000 virgins. When they were en route to Strasbourg, Aurelia developed a fever and died. The three virgins that cared for her stayed on in Strasbourg until their deaths. Hundreds of years later, when they were exhumed, their bodies were still intact.

St. Odilia

A patroness of good eyesight, St. Odilia is another 4th-century saint who apparently traveled with St. Ursula. Legend has it she was captured and martyred and by barbarians at the gates of Cologne. Her motto "I have the chosen the cross" is perfect for a little girl full of faith.

St. Quiterie

Although she is only mentioned in the Roman Martyrology, the legend of this 2nd-century virgin martyr is so remarkable we had to include her. Supposedly, her mother ordered that she and her 8 sisters be drowned. A maid took them to safety in a Christian community where Quiterie developed a passion for the Virgin Mary. After Quiterie converted many women and her father's best friend, the king ordered the beheading of his own daughter.

St. Belina

This very pretty name belonged to a young peasant girl from France who was canonized in 1203. After she turned down the advances of her local feudal lord, he murdered her.

St. Aquilina

This 3rd-century Palestinian virgin was martyred during the Diocletian persecutions at the tender age of 12. An imperial deputy ordered her death by piercing a hot rod between her ears and brain. After the young girl's lifeless body was thrown outside the city walls, an angel came to her and ordered her to rise again, but Aquilina wanted a martyr's death, so she returned to the deputy and in the end was beheaded.

St. Basilissa

Also known as Basilla, this young noble girl suffered a similar plight to other virgin martyrs. After her conversion to Christianity in the 4th century, she refused an offer of marriage from a Roman patrician, Pompeius. The spurned suitor denounced her to Emperor Galienus, and she was beheaded as a result.