While carrying the Blessed Sacrament to prisoners, this 3rd-century saint was set upon by a pagan mob. He protected the Eucharist that was hidden in his clothes and fell to the ground. After he'd been stoned to death, the pagans searched his lifeless body and found nothing: his precious cargo had completely vanished. Certainly this martyr would pray that your own little "Tarry" would be protected by such a shield of faith.


Bl. Adílio Daronch was a Brazilian altar server who was diligent in his duties. He was murdered in 1924, at the age of 15, while accompanying a priest -- Blessed Manuel Gómez González -- on his evangelization rounds. Whether you call your child Adílio, Adi, or even Lio, your little boy will no doubt be as dutiful.


At just 14 years of age this young Roman was beheaded for his faith during the Diocletian persecutions. From the Greek meaning "the one who holds everything," Pancras, the patron saint of children, would be a great choice for your baby boy as he grows in faith.


Kizito was the youngest of a group of 22 Ugandans killed for their faith by the malicious King Mwanga in 1886. At 13 he was burned to death, but before he was consumed by the flames he recited the Our Father and said "Goodbye, my friends, we are on the right path." His death encouraged hundreds to be baptized. The passion this boy had for Christ is an inspiration for your boy to choose the right path, too.

Quiricus or Cyricus

There are different stories as to what happened to this young martyr while he was held captive during the Diocletian persecutions. One version is that he was thrown down the stairs at the age of 3 for having scratched the governor of Tarsus' face. Another states that the toddler openly declared his faith and was martyred for it, alongside his mother. Whichever version is true, your own Cyricus, or "Ric," has a mighty intercessor in this very young martyr.


Now here's a boy who wasn't scared to follow his beliefs. At age 11, this young Italian was taken from his home town of Perugia to Rome so he could be prosecuted for his faith. Refusing to deny his love of Christ, he was tortured and beheaded. What an honor it would be for your own child to be named after a boy so valiant.


France didn't escape the Diocletian persecutions, and in 287, a 9-year-old French boy, Justus of Beauvais, was beheaded on the spot when he confessed to being a Christian. According to legend, he immediately stood back up with his head in his hands, causing the soldiers to run off. A different take on the name Justin -- both meaning "just" or "fair" -- this a perfect choice for a boy who will stand up for what is right.