Praying for the souls in purgatory

Start the day in prayer. Choose a moment before or after breakfast to pray for the souls in purgatory, especially those of loved ones. Ask your children to think of some family members they'd like to include.

Lighting candles for deceased loved ones

You can either do this at home or at church: light a little candle and offer a prayer for those special people who have passed away. Take the time to reflect on what that person brought to your life and give thanks.

Placing flowers on graves of deceased loved ones

A trip to the cemetery makes the whole experience more tangible for everyone. While you might want to offer a beautiful bouquet, you can get your kids to make a little bunch of flowers mixed in with a whole load of leaves, picked from the garden. They could also bring a drawing to leave behind.

Doing a local pilgrimage

If there's somewhere symbolic that you can head off to as a family on foot, grab your walking boots and a few snacks. Take your time to reflect on where you are heading, and the significance of this place for you and your family.

Sharing stories and looking at photos of past generations

At the end of all those activities -- probably mixed in with chores, work, and a little schooling -- take the time to sit down and go through those photo albums or journals. Be sure to share with your children the lives of those older generations they never met so they can keep the stories alive for generations to come.

Having a meal to celebrate the lives of loved ones

Sit around the table and give thanks for those whose lives helped create the family you are today. For any recently deceased, you could always add one of their favorite dishes to the menu as a nod to them and their life.

Praying before bed

As you tuck your kids into bed, take the time to give thanks to those whose lives helped make you the family you are today. Name them individually and ask for their continued guidance and intercession.