Leaves, and more leaves

Little ones love crunching all those fallen leaves, while older children can gather a huge collection for many possible craft ideas. From painting leaves to making leaf collages, this is an activity that will keep you all busy, while also providing your home with a bit of homemade autumnal decoration.


With all the leaves lying around, you might want to spend a day in the yard encouraging kids to gather them up while you clear away all those dying plants. It's an ideal moment to talk to your children about the life cycle as they gather up the dead foliage -- but be sure to bring the hope of new life by planting a few bulbs for the spring.

Build a bonfire

There's something so comforting about sitting around a bonfire with family members. Take this special moment to sing, chat, and of course, make the occasional smore! For those with children who like all things gory, you could even talk about those brave saints who were burned at the stake for their faith.

Prepare for the holidays

Fall is about anticipation, the excitement of preparing for Thanksgiving and the beginning of Advent. Arrange a holiday family conference, where everybody offers up their ideas as to how to make these occasions special for you all. From making up gratitude books, to creating holiday menus, it's a time to talk about the true blessing of family life.

Family fun run

There are often a few fun runs at this time of year. For those who like to be active, sign up for a joint family fun run that will not only help keep you all fit, but will encourage you to inspire and motivate each other. For any future Olympians, you might even get to bring a trophy home!

The indoor tent

If it's pouring with rain and the kids are stuck at home, get some bed sheets -- the bigger the better -- and build yourselves a lounge tent. Fill it with cushions and books, climb in and enjoy an afternoon of stories, cuddles, and laughter.

Get cooking

Again, if you're more housebound than usual, take the time with your kids to make cookies, cupcakes, or other tasty treats and deliver them to elderly neighbors. It's a time of year that can be depressing for seniors, so a friendly visit is something that will surely lift their spirits.

Get hiking

Although it's an activity for every time of year, there's something reassuring about wrapping up in warm clothes and stepping outside together. Encourage your children to marvel at God's creation as you examine the beautiful russets and shapes of the changing nature around you.