Attend Mass

Attending Mass on Sundays is not simply an obligation for Catholics. By taking the time to receive Christ in the Eucharist, you'll feel closer to God, your loved ones, and those in your community. It's a time carved out in your week to focus on God and to pray with the family of God.

Learn to say 'no'

If you're running around taking kids to various sporting obligations on Sundays, you may need to re-think the schedule. You may need to start saying 'no,' like this diocese in Michigan that has ended all Sunday sporting events. Similarly, if friends ask you to go shopping on Sunday, you might want to reschedule for another day of the week.

Share a meal 

This can be with family or friends, but keep it simple. By running yourself ragged, cleaning up the house, or preparing elaborate dishes, you've defeated the whole purpose of a relaxed Sunday meal. A pot luck, dishes prepared the day before, or a simple menu will give you the time to devote to your friends and family. And don't forget to start with a prayer!

Take a break from screens

We know, it's a tough one, but try to spend as much of the day as possible without screens. It will encourage you all to communicate and will give you a much needed break from hearing about all the troubles in the world. By strengthening your relationship with God you'll be better equipped to help others when the time comes.


It's great to get involved in volunteering or parish projects on Sundays, but if you have kids make sure they're included in any volunteer work, too. It's a beautiful way to serve others and feel gratitude for what you have.

Walk and talk

Take the time to enjoy God's beautiful creation, whether you walk in the park or marvel at the sky (finding a bearded God in the clouds is a fun game to play with little ones). City dwellers can also take the time to discover places which may have a special spiritual or family meaning.

Say a family Rosary

Take the time to gather round and say a Rosary together. It's a lovely way to end the weekend and feel at peace before you go to bed and face the chaos of Mondays.

Prepare school lunches with a prayer

If you're a parent you'll appreciate how making school lunches can be a bit of a chore, especially when you're tired at night. So take the time to offer a little prayer for your child as you wrap up their food with the most important thing: love.