St. Léonie Aviat was a French religious who was co-founder of the Oblate Sisters of St. Francis de Sales. Through her work she wanted to stress the importance of uniting work with faith and how the two together could lead to a fulfilling and dignified life. Meaning "lioness," the name Leonie will hopefully give your daughter the same strength of faith as her French patron.


The patron saint of Paris had extraordinary faith and consecrated herself as a virgin to God at the age of 7. Her profound faith led her to lead an remarkable life caring and evangelizing others -- and even intervening in a potential attack on Paris from Attila by encouraging local Christians to pray and fast. With a name that means "woman of the family," your own little Gen or Evie will surely make a huge impact on the family.


Madeleine Sophie Borat was a founder of the Society of the Sacred Heart. She bravely practiced her faith and taught catechism to children during the French Revolution, even when it meant risking her life. She went on to open Sacred Heart schools that offered a fine education to those less fortunate. She also managed to heal rifts between the Vatican and the archbishop of Paris. Her faith and her desire to serve others are a fine example for any little girl.


As sister to the French king Louis IX, Isabel of France could have lived a life of luxury and comfort. However, she opted to devote her life to God by refusing to marry, helping the sick and the poor, and founding a convent for Franciscan nuns. She retained her royal status but remained at the convent continuing to help the religious. Meaning "God is my oath," it's a pretty name that is a perfect choice for a baby girl.


Marguerite Bourgeoys was a 17th-century religious who devoted her life to caring for others. Asked to go to Canada to teach children, she arrived and oversaw the construction of the Notre-Dame de Bon-Secours chapel. She devoted herself to social work and teaching and established the Congregation of Notre-Dame of Montréal. Meaning "pearl," the name Marguerite can be beautiful gem in your family.


You could be inspired by the extraordinary St. Thérèse de Lisieux, or the "Little Flower," as she is often called. The Carmelite nun was devout in her faith from an early age and saw beauty in the little things life has to offer. Although she died at age 24, her life was both meaningful and inspirational. Therese came from a family of saints, so you could also take inspiration from her mother Zélie and her sisters!


Orphaned at 17, St. Colette of Corbie joined the Third Order of St. Francis. Following a vision of St. Francis, she restored 17 monasteries of the Poor Clares during her life, returning them to the original severity of their observances of their founder, St. Clare of Assisi -- in particular the principle of poverty. Her focus on serving God is a worthy example for any child.


The founder of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception of Castres, St. Emilie de Villeneuve was devoted to helping the poor, encouraging others to "go where the voice of the poor calls us." Her tireless work saw the order grow in Africa, serving the disadvantaged. Meaning "to strive, or excel," the name Emilie will hopefully help your little girl to serve others, like her patron.