From the Greek meaning "resurrection," this is a beautiful option for an Easter baby girl. It also happens to be the name of a 3rd-century saint whose love of Christ led to a martyr's death during the Diocletian persecutions. An elegant name with much symbolism, it has many lovely forms, such as Anna, Tasha, and Asty.


The most Christian of virtues, "Faith" sums up the essence of Easter. By choosing this as the name for your daughter, and sharing your own faith with her, you'll be setting her on a path to a truly fulfilling life.


Jesus' resurrection fills us with so much hope for eternal life. It's also the sentiment you might want to hold on to during these trying and uncertain times. When you hold your own baby Hope in your arms, may you be assured of God's love and faithfulness.


In the days before His crucifixion, Jesus went to Bethany, near Jerusalem. It is there where Jesus, not long before his own death and resurrection, raised Lazarus from the dead. A popular name in the United States, it is also lovely when shortened to "Beth."


This name belonged to one of the followers of Jesus who witnessed His resurrection. Meaning "God is gracious," it is a lovely choice for your spring baby.


This short but sweet name captures the spirit of Easter most wonderfully. No doubt your own little "joy" will fill your heart with unbounded happiness.


There's so much to love about this pretty name: It belongs to the popular St. Rose of Lima, known for her piety and chastity. The rose is also a symbol for the Blessed Mother. A name rich in symbolism, it would suit any baby girl.


If you like the idea of a Gallic name, you could opt for this popular French name that means "relating to Easter" -- an ideal choice for any little girl who arrives at this most special time of year.