Guess your Bible hero

A fun activity on a rainy day is to have your kids draw their favorite Bible hero and take turns guessing who it is. Those who aren't artistically inclined could mime theirs. Be warned: this can get a little gruesome if John the Baptist is involved!

Decorate a favorite prayer to hang up

To encourage a more active prayer life, why not chat about your favorite prayers or quotes from Scripture. You can then write or print them out and get your kids to decorate them to stick up on their walls. Older kids can try to add little motifs that echo the prayer's message for extra artistic style.

Beach clean-up

If you're heading to the beach, encourage a little care for God's creation by talking about good stewardship of the earth with your kids and doing a little garbage clean up when you get there. This can be even more effective when turned into a competition, or when ice creams are offered as a reward! Just make sure there is adult supervision, so kids don't cut their fingers on glass or come across any unsavory items.

Put on a show

Choose a Bible passage, let the kids run riot in the dress-up box, and watch them perform. If you're feeling like extending the fun, ask grandparents to come and watch the whole family perform, with mom and dad taking on some pretty key roles too. Take note: this activity can last for hours when kids get a little older.

Long walks

The easiest activity to do that is great for the health while appreciating our natural environment. By taking the time to go on a walk you spend precious moments together, away from all the usual distractions. You can share your own faith story, talk about God and the bigger questions of life, and ask questions. A strong relationship is key to passing on faith.

Watch a great faith-filled movie

At some points in the holidays you may be getting a little tired of being on constant entertainment duty. Why not select a movie that has a Christian message to share and snuggle up with your kids to watch. After the movie you can all act as movie critics to talk about the best moments.

Help a neighbor

We are called to love our neighbors; why not do this as a family? It could be simple tasks like picking up leaves or washing an elderly neighbor's car  -- who doesn't love a little summer splashing around? These simple acts of kindness can help make the neighborhood a happier place to live.

Flex those vocal cords

Singing is rejoicing. Choose your favorite hymns, spirituals, or praise songs and get the whole family singing around a piano, or with a CD or through a device. It will lift your hearts to God while being together.