Getting to any appointment on time is a sign of respect to those you are meeting. Make sure you're on time when you arrive at God's house. Of course, God is very forgiving of those trying to get all the kids looking presentable, fed, in the car and at church on time -- especially on a Sunday morning!

Turn off those phones

When you enter the church, it's time to switch off the phones and switch your focus entirely to God. That one hour is a time for you to spend with the Lord with as few a distractions as possible. It's actually a beautiful gift to have that one hour without any interruptions, so make the most of it and extend the no-cellphones rule to as much of the Sabbath as you can.

Keep the toys and books to a reasonable amount

It is hard keeping children distracted during Mass. While many churches offer solutions for families these days through special Masses or nurseries where kids can be kept occupied, make sure you don't come armed with so many kiddie distractions that others lose their focus, too.

Dress for the occasion

Sunday Mass is an opportunity to make an effort. If you were going to dinner with an important person, you would want to dress to indicate that it's important to you. Mass really is the occasion to don your Sunday best.

Keep the chatter down

One of the wonderful things about going to Mass is seeing other parishioners and friends and catching up on the week. Tempting though it may be, make sure you keep save the chit-chat for outside the church so others can enter into quiet prayer.

Don't overly occupy the priest

When you're leaving the church, don't monopolize all of your pastor's time -- remember others want some time with him, too. If you have a problem or need advice, arrange a time to see your priest privately, away from church services.

Park considerately

For late arrivals, do your best to park your car properly without blocking the cars of other parishioners. You never know if someone may need to suddenly leave Mass and go home.

Teach your kids

Church is a great learning ground for your children's religious education and offers the opportunity for them to grow in their social etiquette. Use Mass as an opportunity to teach your children how to meet and greet others, show reverence for the Lord, and behave in a way that shows kindness and thoughtfulness.