St. Monica -- when your child is rebellious 

As mother of a once wayward St. Augustine of Hippo, she never gave up on her son. With patience and compassion she guided him on the right path where he would eventually convert to Christianity and even have a huge influence on Western Christianity as it stands today.

St. Mother Teresa - when you need more compassion 

Although Mother Teresa never gave birth to any children, she acted as a mother to so many with compassion and charity in her heart. She demonstrated the need to fulfill both the physical and spiritual needs of children and can help you appreciate that it is the basic things in life that children require: love and faith.

St. Gianna Molla -- when faced with difficult decisions

Being a mom often means making tricky decisions. Try turning to this mom and doctor who, against medical advice, sacrificed her own life to make sure her unborn child was born safely. In seeing the beauty in what life has to offer each day, Gianna helps put things in perspective.

St. Zélie Martin -- when your children have trouble being grateful 

This exemplary mother managed to raise all her living children -- including St. Thérèse de Lisieux -- in faith, with each of them joining religious life. She gave them an appreciation for taking pleasure from the very basic things life has to offer. It's a message many children need to hear today, with all the temptation of our consumer society.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton -- when faced with hardships

Raising kids often causes financial strain, so take guidance from this widowed mom of five who was faced with raising her children alone and in dire straits. She rose to the challenge and managed to found the first Catholic school in America.

St Frances of Rome -- for family unity

When her only surviving son's wife tried to cut Frances out of his life, this mom of six didn't give up. Despite insults and humiliation she patiently built bridges to ensure peace and unify her family.

St Felicity -- when you need more mental and physical strength 

This Roman saint was in prison when she became a mother. Though she was overcome with joy, her baby was soon taken from her and she was sent to be executed for her faith. She went into combat mode, as described by St. Perpetua, demonstrating the sheer strength and bravery motherhood had granted her.

The Blessed Virgin -- for absolutely everything

Take comfort and guidance from the Mother of all mothers. The Virgin Mary experienced pain and sacrifice for all humanity and will intercede for you when you bring her any worries. Take heart that by seeking Mary's intercession she will help you find peace and understanding.