While a good swing and an accurate eye are crucial for this game, golf is also a sport that requires great restraint and patience -- especially if you spend more time in the bunkers than on the greens. The extra benefit of golf is that you spend so much time surrounded by nature and in the company of friends, which always helps to lift the spirits.


There is something about being around water that brings us closer to God. Whether it's a reminder of being in the womb or the baptismal waters, swimming allows us to switch off from the stresses of everyday life and feel more connected to our Heavenly Father. It's also happens to be a great way to achieve overall body fitness.


Like many team sports, soccer requires you to work together in order to achieve your ultimate goal (or goals) -- to win. It's a sport that not only requires great endurance and physical strength, but when you put on that kit you're also motivating others and representing something much greater than yourself.


Going out for a run is a great way to stay physically fit while also giving you the time to contemplate and pray. When you get a good pace and develop a rhythm you'll find that adding in prayer is an easy next step. If you're able to run among nature trails or in parks, all the better.


Seeing the precision and beauty in fellow-Catholic Simone Biles' latest record-breaking routine is enough to make you realize the wonders of the human body. Caring for your body and stretching it to its limits -- even if it's not quite Olympic standard -- is a way of creating a most worthy temple.


You just need to see the smiling faces of St. John Paul II climbing the slopes with skis on his back, or Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati scaling mountains with his friends, to notice the truly holy endeavor of reaching the top of a mountain. While surrounded in the glorious sights of God's creation, there's no better place to experience God's grandeur, and it takes some impressive fitness levels to achieve it!

Figure skating

While beautiful to watch, this sport really teaches you how to get back up when you fall. It takes a certain strength to never give in, to nail that landing -- or a simple turn for the more amateur skaters out there -- and to have faith in yourself, and God, that you can do it.


Step into the shoes -- or waders -- of some of the disciples, including Andrew, Peter, James, and John, who were fishermen by trade. As a sport, fishing teaches you to have an abundance of patience and to respect nature, both in the way you treat your catch, and in the surroundings in which you fish.