Say "Alleluia" after you pray

Alleluia, which means "God be praised," is the great Easter proclamation, reminding us to give God praise and thanks for His presence and love for us.

Keep fresh flowers in your home

A seasonal bouquet, or a few wild flowers from the backyard, bring a festive quality to any room and lift the spirits of anyone who sees them. If you're artistically blessed -- and even if you're not! -- you could even take some time to capture the beauty of the flowers on canvas.

Remember to be merciful

We have so much to be grateful for, so why not demonstrate your gratitude by being merciful to others? Making that little bit of effort to extend mercy to people around us brings peace and, inevitably, joy.

Write down 3 things you're grateful for each day

In the spirit of gratitude, why not note the things you're grateful for in a little book? Each family member can add their own, and every Easter you could look at past entries and see how your gratitude may have evolved, or even stayed the same!

Have dessert more often

This is a festive season, after all. You may have had your share of chocolate eggs or bunnies, but consider treating yourself to a few delicious desserts. They may be a tad decadent, but something extra special can spread a little joy around the table.

Get outside

It's springtime for most of us, which means there's a lot to marvel at in the great outdoors. So put on your hiking boots and breathe some fresh air. Take your time to really see God's creation at work: flowers in bloom, insects and animals going about their lives. Why not take a few photos and share them with others?

Read something uplifting

It's a good season to read something that lifts your heart and brings you life. Maybe that's a book about gardening or a cook book; maybe it's a classic novel or some spiritual reading. Ask trusted friends, or even the local library, for recommendations if you're stuck!

Treat your neighbors

Bring some cookies or cake to your neighbors. It's not only a neighborly thing to do, but spreads the joy around to others, creating a joyful community spirit.