Cultivate gratitude

I always tell myself to be eternally grateful for the four children I do have -- period. To be a mother is a privilege, whether you physically gave birth or you welcomed children into your heart and family through adoption. Cherish the fact that these little people are a complete and utter blessing.

Remember the physical pain

I'm not just talking about childbirth, but the physical demands of motherhood: from being woken in the night, to lugging the heavy car seat around with sacks of groceries. We don't need those pains again!

Appreciate the now

If you have children, focus on them. Try to find what is unique about the current stage of their lives, and consider the milestones your teen or young adult might be approaching. Use this time to build a new relationship with your children.

Create new experiences

With older kids it's now possible to focus on doing what you want to do. Take the time to choose activities or charities you'd like to get involved in and donate some of the time you'd devote to a newborn to helping others and enjoying new adventures.

Get a newborn dose

If you do feel those mommy tugs from time to time, why not donate some time at a maternity hospital and cuddle babies who are all alone? There are vulnerable little ones out there who need human affection and many hospitals need volunteers to hug these tiny tots. So call a hospital in your area and see if you can be of use, either now or when pandemic restrictions are loosened.

Cherish other family members

If you have siblings or friends with young babies, take the time to enjoy their little ones. Everybody knows the best thing about being an aunt is you can hand over a crying baby. But there's also joy in accompanying close friends and family in their experiences and helping out when they're in need.

Get healthy

When your child-bearing days are over, you know that your body will not go through that dramatic transformation ever again. Take the opportunity to get a medical check up and get your body in good shape for middle age and later in life!

Look to the future

Chances are your children will have kids somewhere down the line, so think about the joy that is still to come in welcoming a new generation, and give thanks in advance for the ways your family may grow in size -- and in love.